Eric Markow

President & Chief Technology Officer

I’ve been working in the field of IT, specifically networking, for more than a decade. In that time, I’ve gained a wealth of experiences, from hands-on installations in creaky attics to managing a WiFi implementation on a billionaire’s estate. Through five star hotels and crowded technology conventions, I’ve delivered.

I’ve participated in nearly all aspects of the business, including sales and marketing, system design and architecture, implementation of complex configurations, and ongoing support and maintenance. Having experienced all of these piece parts of the industry, it seemed logical to fulfill my long-held aspiration to start an enterprise where I could manage all aspects of the operation, combining them to create a superlative user experience, and become a trusted and reliable technology partner for property owners.

Professionally, people know me as an uncompromising and demanding engineer who expects the best from his people and his technology. I’ve always held myself to a higher standard than my competitors, and a “no nonsense”, result oriented approach has created an excellent reputation and endorsements by those with whom I’ve worked.

My passion for helping people has been a common theme throughout my career. When I worked in phone support speaking to end users, I enjoyed tackling challenging customer cases, always doing whatever it took to get the problem resolved. This pro-active attitude resulted in frequent acknowledgements from employers and clients alike, as well as numerous awards and other forms of recognition. As I developed my skills in wireless systems, I continued to go above and beyond to meet customer expectations and raise my service and support goals even higher..

Today, I’m providing Internet service to residential communities and businesses – turning a field known for poor service into a business that accepts nothing less than the best. The fact is, cable and telecommunications providers are among the worst rated in the US in terms of customer service and satisfaction. Dual Path was created to provide an alternative to the cable-telecom duopoly. Our new idea is to leverage the buying power of an entire community and deliver a superior Internet product built to exceed the needs of even the most demanding resident at a surprisingly reasonable cost. I work to defeat the “Goliaths” in my industry by implementing a system that uses best-of-breed components integrated in a way that the incumbent providers can’t – fully managed infrastructure all the way to the residents, while maintaining a level of simplicity and user-friendliness that makes our customers in all age groups comfortable and confident enough to maximize the usage of their wireless infrastructure.

Now, it’s time for me to get to work for you. How can my team at Dual Path become your reliable and trusted partner in the promising world of WiFi?